Long Road

Midnight North

On and on the hours roll by. Dark is light
Order another one more time
Remember the words that struck me. 2 years time
How do I hold down the line?
Follow me home I'm stumbling, falling
Carry me into bed, I'm fine
Leave me until the morning. Wake me nice
Cold hands on my mind

I'm going alone watch you fading
the slightest breeze blow you away
caught up in the westwind
You and I know it's going to be a long road in the end
I'm going home
Nothing to do this evening. Come on out
Sit on a stool and drink all night

Step with me from the darkness. Green lights
Tear me up and go
Oh I held on too long. I'm cold to the core
Hold til you're gone
Oh I held on too long, oh I'm cold to the core
Hold til you're gone

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