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Mickey Harte

I know everything
I feel everything
I see you again
I know everything

What's in your way?
What's in your way this time?
What does this day
What does this day reveal for you?
I see you crying
I see you disappearing from view
No use in hiding
Your bitterness paints a trail

I know everything
I see everything
I feel everything is coming down
Coming down on you

I see you again
Trying to pretend
Anger never ends
It's showing now, showing now

What to believe
Trying to cling to acceptance
Such an annoying existence
Walking so slowly
But walking by yourself
Can sometimes be a gratious thing
Pale emotion
But i know your pain, i know i know

I know everything
Isee everything...

You'll never wake up

What to believe
What to perceive
What's in your head?

I know everything
I see everything...

You'll never wake up

Compositor: Mick hart

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