Michael W. Smith

Everybody Free

Michael W. Smith

This Is Your Time

"I belong to you and you belong to me.
Your unconditional love overhwelms me"

The longing in my heart has stirred a faded memory
Of my young heart beating fast
behind the willow tree
I was counting out loud, and I only peeked a time or two
And the only purpose in my life was finding you
Singing, "Ollie, ollie, everybody free!"
Now was I chasing you or were you chasing me?

We all grow up and put away our childhood games
But deep inside I wonder if we really change
'Cause I'm still seeking,
though I've learned to hide so well
And I can still remember how it felt
Singing, "Ollie, ollie, everybody free!"
Will I ever find someone pursuing me?

And then you caught me by surprise
I found my tears are in your eyes
I hear my heart inside of you
At last I've found somebody who
Can free my soul
And love me too

I can't believe we hide so long and run so well
When all the while we're aching to be caught a
nd held
But it's only in surrender that our freedom comes
And so I run abandoned to your waiting arms
Singing, "Ollie, ollie, everybody free!"
I belong to you and you belong to me!

...Singing, "Ollie, ollie, everybody free!"

Compositor: Michael W. Smith/ Chris Rice

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