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Now We're Even

Michael Penn

Never been to Mexico
It's only half a mile or so
the mission on the bluff, below
Don't get out much
Crow tastes like chicken meat
And I've heard cats land on their feet
If that's a lie
I want you to delete it

Was mystified
Took a Greyhound for a ride
And by Arcadia
decided I'd be Steven
Now we're even

Please do not take offense
Salute, two fingers, standard squat
Jabbed the bag without a sense
that you knew half what I forgot

One tug-of-war that pulled me in
and furthermore, it tipped the balance
Was so deceiving
It's best I leave in
Now we're even

We're caught inside an undertow
I don't know how to overthrow

Cocks crow and dogs will bark
You are swimming in the dark
On tenderloin a hungry shark is feeding

I'm warm and dry
and as the water table's high
it's pointless to identify
my destination
So anchors aweigh
And if I do my own self say
there wasn't any better way
I was conceiving

Now we're even

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