Free Time

Michael Penn

I won't ever get used to this
A blank spot
do resist.
The other shoe will drop
just an aftershock
Nice hat; you look like a referee
Nice watch; but why are you timing me?
Its spring has come unwound
I was not out of bounds
This is not out
I drew that line
when I was handed free time.

Bells clang
I guess it's a holiday
Did that rhyme?
Shit! I'm a poet now.
So give me stuff for free
and if I do somehow
into the soft whites
of beautiful lies
stare down
I don't apologize
I've never been the kind
to close an open mind
so leave behind all that extra free time.

Picked a lock and hopped some fences
that won't do
Burning these = a bad example
finding out = a Roman candle

If I'm pale, it doesn't mean something's wrong
If I'm blue, I just held my breath too long
So if you wouldn't mind
just do the deal and I'll be real sublime
when I get all your free time.

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