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Rocket And A Bomb

Michael Knott

Mr. In and Mrs. In
Can you please tell me what's in?
What is wrong with me?
I'm never in your company

Mr. Out and Mrs. Out
What is this all about?
Before you know it, you've come in

And all I ever wanted was a good job and some bus fare
And a rocket and a bomb
A rocket and a bomb

Mr. Bill, is there a Mrs. Bill?
Does she tell you how you should feel?
Does she let you get away?
Will Sluggo come and make me pay?

Mr. Bank, is there a Mrs. Banks?
Is she the one that turns the crank?
Is there a Mary Poppins still?

Mr. Life and Mrs. Life
Are you really in for life?
Are you planning to make a break?
Could it be a big mistake?

Mr. God, is there a Mrs. God?
Could she help me find a job
One that pays enough to take a rocket and a bomb

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