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Deaf And Dumb

Michael Knott

Hey, Mister Decision
Make up my mind for me
You're like a religion
I could be caged or free
I might be lost at sea

Hey, Mister Judgmental
Show me the way to be
Show me the way to go
You're high on a pedestal
You know what I should know

And I wish I could become deaf and dumb

Hey, Mister Perfect Choice
Point me the way to look
Sing in your flawless voice
Where's the road I should have took?
What page is best in this book?

Hey, Mister Heaven-Bound
Help me to find the way
Get me up off this ground
What more than Christ can be found?

Hey, Mister Get-It-Right
You saw me fall tonight
Tell the world of my own flight
I'll tell you to take a bite

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