Michael Kiske

Past in Different Ways

Feelings come and go - I've never known
Something longs to grow - won't let go
Spirits 'round my head - are whispering
I turn inside instead - of wondering

Deep inside of me - I know there's got to be
A different kind of truth - that sets the spirit free
If I don't wanna know - what's written inside me
How could I see anything - how could I be anything?

Restless minds have searched - long before
The truth will be the same - for evermore
The mightiness of trees - that you can feel
Can give you all you need - just listen still

Here is love and there is pain
It's all around, it's all the same
There's nothing new that I could tell to you

But still there is the universe inside of us that never bursts
We might not know the meaning yet, but I'm sure we can't reject
The truth that is in everything - that is and has been and will be

There is a long way to go - there is a high place to know
There is a world to go through - but there's so much more to do
Until we're home!

Deep inside of me - I know there's...

Feelings come and go - I've never known

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