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I'll Be Here

Mia Rose

Whats left for us?
Ive been up and down round and round and now
never seem to find my way
but you're still here

always obstacles ahead
I keep fighting for you over and over again
Dreaming plans to run away
But you're still here

And i hear the crowd they're singing out loud
while I'm sitting here doubting fate
when i try to shout the words don't come out
but you turn around and say

Pick up the pieces, there's so much to do
You're far from losing everything, I'll always be with
you said baby don't be scared, cuz I'll always be
no matter what life brings us, I'll be here
I'll be here

Never knew the words to say
that i thought of you every night and day
now i know the price to pay
when you're not here

scared of the fire that once kept us alive
Now all i try is to keep you by my side...
through all that we've been through
will you still be here?

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