Metro Boomin


Metro Boomin

Overtime and overdue (Due)
Ain't no sleep, that is old news (Old news)
Been outside, that's with the crew (Yeah)
Made my night up on the move (On the move)
In the morning, get the news (Check the news)
She come home I heard the zoom (Skrrt, skrrt)
I step outside, I need my piece (Piece)
Yeah, take one down to hit my peak (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I feel I overuse myself, I overuse myself
I feel, I mean I overdid myself
I overdid myself
I feel, I mean I overused my nights, I overdid my nights
I overdid my nights

Yeah, hit the lights, yeah hit a right (Lights)
Took everything, ain't nothing left (Ain't left)
Count your blessings, count your steps (Straight up)
At your throat like we that strep
It's way too cold under this flesh (Yeah)
All week we ball but we don't mesh (Ball)
All week we drink, leave us a mess (Drinking)
Down on my drugs, it is old news (Yeah)

Oh, oh
Mhm mhm, hmm, hmm
I'm with Lil Harold (21) , been with Nudy (Woah)
Them the ones, you see me when they all leave
The Glock on tip though (God)
lit when we Chevy (21)
They already know it's not too many
About the clique though (Yeah)
this shit been busy
Chasin' after paper, come and get me (Me)
Like I'm sick though, sippin' plenty (Sip)
We've been outside, goin' in (21)

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