Even If

Method Man

come on[x3] yeah[x4] yo yeah come on
Even if I died a thousand deaths
when I resurrect
I'll still be meth
the jams will still def
I'm here me and this micphone'll here
and ain't tryin here nothin cause we had it up to here [word]
lyrics have no dress code
from KRS to the best mode yet i so cool to catch cold
at the jumpoof it about to jumpoff my niggas
speak with they hands or their gun talk yo rizzel
we got the Clan in the front and police at the door
every exit is laced with c port[silent t]
'bout to blow OOOOOOW like trial i'm pasttile
sees is kike black bitches in tongs thy ass out
but me the M-E-T-H-O-D just too real
i can't be touched and can't feel
the monotany of rap
take a picture of my nutsack
R E copy that
and send it through a fax
new and improved we tankstyle
turn it up now
y'all then FUCK UP NOW
spit flame [by mic]
beat game[on sight]
bring the pain [all night]
off the chain [damn right]
this the method man for short mr. meth
yo[x6] come on

verse 2
Even if I died a thousand deaths
when I resurrect
through my first born
my name live on
my words is like a third degree
the young MCs bust worthy on your MTV
the killa bee
John Jacobs straight up break up
sceams and plots
ace up my sleeves bake up pies and pots
so this is what its come to [huh]
takin shots at dem kids who used to punk you [huh]
repetisisest rap shit don't get no where play your mouth wit
and niggas can't smoke wit dry lips
so chap byte my shit i'm like cojack
to get my flow back and 4-flat i track u down like a low jack
5 verse 5 i for and i can not pennalize
the uncivilized , and make civilized
u know right from wrong
so know that i'm the bomb
i dope for be and see the tracks that i'm on, MOTHAFUCKA
yo[x6] come on
short interlude

this is method man for short mr.meth [x3]
yo[x6] come on

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