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Monsters Of The Earth


Unknown creature in the abyss of the sea, slowly beginning to move
You're a godforsaken creature, chemical beast
Born in the somber water of the sea, raised into the smog air
You're an ugly, dangerous son of the earth
Are you a rule of hell, are you a servant from demons
But, anyway you must assail human creations on this black star

Born by atomic inferno, raised into the gray sky
Its poisoned body sends forth the angry fire
The targets are the lights of concrete made of fake desire
You're a wicked, son of sin of the earth

Monster of the earth, Destroy! Mortals lust of cities of hell
Monster of the earth, Burn out! With your fire of hell death
Monster of the earth, Destroy! Heavy price to human peace
Monster of the earth, Take back! True blue skies & green mountains

Compositor: Gezolucifer

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