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Words Between Wipers

Mercy Mercedes

Don't waste your breath on lovers and liars,
try not to blink whenever they look at you.
And if you think that somethings the matter,
well baby girl you, girl you got me wrong.
Well it's nothing,
don't let it get to your head.
Hello? Are you there?
Was it something i said?
Can you even reason with yourself?
Oh, i forgot to mention,
you'll never talk yourself out of this one. So don't keep looking away!
Catch your breath,
cause it's all you've got this time.
Bite your tongue,
cause' it's the feeling that you've forgotten.

Let's blow the top right out of here,
let's cause a scene and disappear we'll never be this young again.

Brace yourself,
'cause it's the last time you'll get in line
da da da da da dadadadow...
All your expectations just roll right off of your tongue.

Keep your head down,
they're coming....if they see us this time, we'll never get away!
Never get away!

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