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Spanish Mackerel

Mercy Mercedes

Hey now let's start this off,
clever words with open hearts.
Disregard those detour signs they'll make you or break you
..on and on
and that's how,
we get down and suddenly we find ourselves
we're stepping to the plate with something HUGE!
well that's what we've got
yeah that's what we've got.

Step it up 'cause it's not enough
Put em' up show em' what your made of
And if it takes all night well
well that's all you've got and
you're gonna show the world
...and we're gonna show the world, yeah we're gonna show them everything.

Oh now, we've got you clapping and shaking,
convulsing and making noise now...and oh! SING!
if you know what's coming on.
We'll set it on fire don't you admire that. Yeah we'll start a new beginning and never feel the same.

We're floating on this cloud of velvet ocean.

One love, yeah we'll pass it on,
we'll pass it on to you
you never thought that you could live this way.
oh, we'll pass it on to you.

Step it up...

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