Here We Are

Mercy Mercedes

Let's just run with this for awhile,
I've been missing everything we had 'cause it seems that life just got in the way
and sometimes all I
wanna do is just waste the days with you, so don't you? don't you?

I've been telling you that I,
wanted everything too fast
and that I've forgotten how to live
and everyday seems like nothing's happening
but maybe it's just me.

so let's pack our bags and get away from here,
it's not too late to go.

settling down was just not good enough for us
we just kept on dreaming oh my god, what have we here?
and everyday we'd run to the farthest thoughts that are in our minds
and at the same time,
letting go of all of these things that held us here
...and there...
and everywhere we keep on dreaming oh!

It took time but that never stopped us No, we used to lie awake and dream these crazy dreams
and now they're happening
and once again we see through each others eyes and we know it,
Yeah we know!
that it's all just a matter of time

This is not our regret, our secret anymore

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