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You Know Better


The Hurt & The Healer

You'd think I'd know by now
Who's running the show
And what really matters
But I keep picking a fight
With "letting go"
And keep getting hammered

It's a knock down
Drag out
Oh and I am face down
For the count
And I'm reminded
I'm not the one in control

I know You know better so
Why don't I go whenever
You say come follow wherever You lead
So won't You help me

Would You wake me up
And make me aware
Of what You are doing

And from my point of view
It's not very clear
Where this is going

But it's Your call
Help me understand
It's not how I fall
But where I land
So I'm reminded
I'm not the one in control

Whatever You have in store
Whatever I am in for
I want to trust You more and more

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