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To Whom It May Concern


The Hurt & The Healer

To whom it may concern when will we learn
We are all the same
Do you really think that you're the first
To fall along the way

It may sound crazy but what if
You don't try to run
Rather than kick our wounded
We could just lift you up

Oh, oh, oh
We're not throwing stones
Hey, hey, hey
You are not your shame
Oh, oh, oh
You can't go alone
Hey, hey, hey
We won't go away

I can see it's written on your face
It reads with every line
Wishing you could somehow just erase
Or even turn back time

Don't let yourself buy into the lie
That you are too far gone
So let us remind you that you're
Not what you have done

Breathe deep and believe that wherever you go
It don't matter how high, don't matter how low
It comes down to being found and
Who you know

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