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The First Time


The Hurt & The Healer

Day after day
I try to explain You
Like I can contain You
In so many words

But You are the ocean
And I'm on the shoreline
Thinking I know You
Like You could be learned

It's so amazing
That You'd ever save me

I thought I knew Your face
I thought I'd tasted grace
But I have never felt anything close to this
Just when I'd seen it all
New mercy breaks the dawn
And with my eyes open wide
It feels like the first time

After all of my searching
And all of my reaching
I'm left with nothing
Nothing of worth

You treasure the broken
Over and over
Give me a hope
That can never be earned

It's still amazing
That You'd ever save me

Your beauty
No eyes has seen
Your majesty overwhelming
Your love for me
Is healing oh God

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