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Induration Of Sorrow


Look into yourself like some enemy
You are the object to unknown secrecy
Kill all your feelings
Just don't ask me why?
Then you're pure like air
Right above the sky

Innocent taker
Strange and hollow
Face the maker
Induraton of sorrow

Look into the future
Forget about the past
Explain to yourself
It wouldn't be the last
Chafe the skin
By the irony of fate
Annoyed by sarcasm
It all turns to hate

Hate hate hate
It all turns to hate

Think of your needs
Take everything you can
Even if you bleed
You bleed from your hand

Think about yourself
Like a one world man
Forget all around you
None shall understand

Now look at you
Youre the devil himself
Clear all minds
And fill the dusty shelf
Try remembering the life
You once had
This is our world
Just don't forget that

Hate hate hate
It all turns to hate

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