Men Without Hats


Men Without Hats

Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
ah haaa

On the freeways, freeways
On the freeways, freeways
On the freeways,
On the freeways,
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
American Radio in your homes and bars
It's music to my ears in a foreign car
Pop radio stars [ABBA, Roxy, T-Rex]
My seatbelt's fastened tight, I feel secure
Both hands upon the wheel, My life's insured
If you're feeling low, driving's the cure
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh

Spiralkurve - spiral curve 1)
Hundert Kilometer Geschwindigkeit - 100 kph speed
Radio M F - radio M F
Pop Musik - pop music
Lastwagen vorn - truck in front
Es ist ein Uhr - it's one o'clock
Chromierte Stossstange - chromed bumper
Jodscheinwerfer - iodine headlights 2)
Die Nacht verschwindet - The night disappears
Ich trete durch - I put the pedal down
Es ist drei Uhr - it's three o'clock
Drehe nach links - Making a left turn
Europa 8 - Europa 8 3)
Gegen Sueden - southbound
Leichter Nebel - light fog (light opposite to dense)
Vorn Zollstelle - Toll station ahead
Schalte zurueck - I retrograde
Niemand da - Noone there
Bogenlichter 4) - Lights above
Rot und blau - Red and blue
Blinkend - blinking
Bin nicht allein - I'm not alone
Werde beobachtet - I'm observed
Werde belauscht - I'm overheard
Eine Gerade - A straight lane
Spiralkurve - spiral curve 1)
Ich trete durch - I put the pedal down
Gegen Sueden - southbound
Letzte Zollstelle vor der Ausfahrt - last toll station before the exit
Es ist sechs Uhr - It is six o'clock

1) This should IMHO mean 'S-Kurve', because in the french lyrics it is
'virage en S' which means 'S turn' in english. IMHO the translator had
either a bad dictionary or got the meaning of german 'Spiralkurve' wrong.
German 'Spirale' means the same as english 'spiral' which is something

2) This one describes lamps which use iodine gas to produce light. They're
often used as car headlights. It could also refer to the color of the
headlights of cars in France, which use yellow headlights.

3) This is a road name. Europa route 8

4) Could also be 'Oben Lichter', which means the same. I never really figured
out, because Ivan's french accent while speaking german doesn't give it
clearly. :-)

There are big similarities to the french lyrics, many of the french
lines translate to the same english words. At first these words seemed
quite meaningless to me, but IMHO they describe *great* the feelings
and things you have in your head, when you're driving at night.

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