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On Ya Mind


Now, I dont remember this can't be mine
But Imma' write with it cause its ballpoint fine
Now the way I get a grip is like call join clime
I climb to the top, to the top of my prime
Hb single george washington, bass so clean its like
I be washing these drums
But I squash kingdoms and I mosh refunds
And anybody wanna' get it they can stop breath uhh

Cardiac heart attack natural cause
Got a natural swag with my natural flaws
Bitches tellin' me they gone snatch my balls
I tellem' wratch my fingers wraps my long
Im the airforce man deputy
Withe the grind like a african refugee
Crack recipe, that recipe legisly
Centimeters get the best of me aye !

I see the crowd on the stage,I see the pen on the page
Smell the air with a "hey",sit on the couch with the money I grave

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