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Intoxicated Dreams


Take me from insanity, take me from humanity
Take me from insanity, take me from..

I'm going insane, everything has changed
No longer the same, no longer to blame
No longer the shame, forever the pain
Forever become never been with you again
Tired of my lies fed them to you like fries
Telling you bullshit, shoulda left it for the flies
You love me and despise, love me in your eyes
Love me in your thighs when I'm between and inside
Hate to see you cry, you drop like rain
So I stretch out the truth leaving you with a sprain
You like a white shirt I'm a bright red stain
Blood from a broken heart shoot down and (?)
Too much of a player before I stepped in the game
My deal is to play my best and entertain
You try to make your body erase me, erase me
But your mind and heart constantly debates me

So what happens when you can't let go?
(Uh huh, what happens when you can't get away?)

I'm like a house made outta bricks, no stones, no sticks
Signing fot this shit, my toilets need to be fixed
I carry no character like my mind's on hold
I need a new roof and my blinds are closed
Eyes closed, blindfold, when can I see again
Books burnt to the letter that I can't read again
My stove from the '60s, how can I ever feed again
No best friends false (?) and breathing
A tile in the floor cracked that they stepped on
Lay covers them pillows (?) never slept on
A house ain't a home between a bond, they left one
So they abandon me, split apart and kept going
As far as they could get away
Heal the memories, but the love will stay
I'm not up for sale I'm a priceless possession
Left behind and forgotten I hold no aggression

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