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Hell (Feat. Frank Ocean)


What the hell?

I ain't been home in a week
Barely been to pasadena since them san fran streets
I stayed at night at the studio, I get no sleep
My passion for this music yo, it's far too deep
I rest for 3 hours a day, 4 and an half if I'm lucky
4:45 in the mornin and I'm the only one up see
I'm all about the hustle, hodgy 'bout his grind
And y'all no longer struggle once you make up your mind
I had up my mind and now I'm takin my time
Steady niggas takin from mine, I recordin out in space
Spendin time, lendin rhymes
Out and hand mixtapes to a fan giving and gettin grams
Odd future shinin s.p.f. sunscreen
Needs to be applied to burn from sunbeams
Teach a lesson if haven't learned from one's schemes
Man kind wouldn't be realistin if no one dreamed, yeah

I got, I got (anime on the screen)
I got, I got (pen in hand, scripting dreams)
I got, I got (rich man said to me
Just remember one thing you'll never have time)

I knew it, mama I knew it
One wish every birthday candle before I blew it
Son carved the path out but I drew it, sicker than the flu
I'm on my stew shit, just let it simmer and brew
With no remembering you
We fall out in the winter
September, october, novembering you
No contendor with you, I'm like tendering food
Zip-lock maranaded, cook it if you care to take it
There's time now to bake it, mama show me how you make it
Bring me to life with those icing covered knives
Single handedly raised us, sacrifice and had to fight for
Pages to raised us, loveres is what made us
Today trust we always got steel
I'll protect if I'm goin shot kill, I'm the star,twinkle twinkle
Thanks for every birthday you lit candels for cake sprinkles, uh

Yo, yo what the fuck is an interlude anyway
What the fuck is an interlude for man what the hell
Do you need a fuckin interlude for man
Fuck that just play the next song

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