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Sounds so crazy...
Fifty pull-ups on the pull up bar
When I hit award shows I wanna pull up a star
Tank on e, got no time to bump
Song runnin' on fumes cuz I live life once
Duct tape in the trunk of, my corrupted mental
Mood swingin' lyrics like a woman on the menstrual
Gold line sleepin', union station, metro
Skateboard push sneaks, high top retros
Special, but can't blend in like a gecko
Fans runnin' up to me askin' bout my next show
Like, let me grab my friends and let's go
Rap is my passion, fuck tryin' to impress ho's
Reach for the stars like nasa moon walkin'
While you runnin' ya mouths with ya goons talkin'
Backstage with left brain in my own 'preme
And the haters is goin' to sleep, they gonna dream soon

I can't breathe I'm, claustroflowbic
Give me space I'm, claustroflowbic
Fame is a closet and I'm, claustroflowbic
My breath, nigga I lost it cuz I'm, claustroflowbic

Claustroflowbic? claustroflowbic
Claustroflowbic, claustroflowbic
Claustroflowbic, claustroflowbic
Claustroflowbic, claustroflowbic, claustroflowbic

Left pinky in the brain
News to the strain
Doggy to the dane, great
Tony the tiger cereal boxes, I ate
Flip the quarter, it's two faced
Two rows, two gates
Whichever I choose is a new fate
New love isn't new hate
She got a cute face
Bad attitude with a "how that cute taste"
Gettin' at her, spittin' at her
Yeah, how the boot taste
Gingivitis, toothache
Mouthwash, toothpaste
Breathin' on 'em
Spittin' hot flows like the heat is on 'em
Pretty hood like I dickie wife beated on 'em
Teemin' material like a cousin skeeted on 'em
Don't lie, don't hide
Won't lie, won't die
Cuz my music is alive
Won't lie, won't die
Cuz my music is alive

Inhale, exhale
Inhale, exhale
Inhale (inhale), exhale (exhale)
Inhale (inhale), exhale (exhale)
Inhale (inhale), exhale (exhale)
Exhale (exhale), exhale (exhale)

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