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A Star's Lament

Melanie Penn

You think that it’s easy
Being a star
Not the kind in the dark
Night sky above you
A flickering light
But I got typical problems
I’ve been left hangin’ here tonight

You’d never see me
With yout telescope
You’d never know me
But tem thousand years ago
I started tryin to reach you
I been tryin to arrive
A lotta lightyears to go thru
A lotta galaxies to go by
I’m not just another pretty face
On a star

I shake and I shiver here up in space
But I do my part
Not in a constellation
No I never quite fit in
I got typical problems
Up here lone is where I’ve been

Up here, alone
Alone, up alone

You know it’s always nighttime
It the milky way
A loto f dreaming doen-time
About my younger days
I was really somethin’
I was gonna become a sun
I got typical problems
I wanna tell ya ‘bout every one

And oh, I’m not just another pretty
On a star
I shake and I shiver here up in space
But I do my part
Andy ou make all your wishes
On my demise
But I had a wish, tôo
To be your morning light

You’d wake up to me
I’d wake up next to you
And your typical problems
Yeah, I got problems tôo

We do. we do. we do. we do

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