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The Zoo Is Closed

Melanie Doane

Blowing leaves
bruise the park on this
autumn battered day
the zoo is closed
the cage is locked
the animals far away
they roam across a frozen land
and thru the deserts burning sand
while here, all alone I stand
the sky an iron grey
and the zoo is closed
and the zoo is closed
Two o'clock
we meet for lunch in a
cozy restaurant
we warm our hands on
coffee cups
what more could we want
we used to watch the dancing bear
and peek into the lion's lair
but nowadays there's no one there
and the waitress brings a tray
and the zoo ...
What happened
to the world we knew
what happened to the past
what happened to the distant future
seems it's come at last
The zoo is closed
the keepers gone
and taken every key
memories in empty cages
never can be free
We say the beginning
of the end
Comes from wishing that
now was then
but wishing seems so useless
when the dream as gone astray
and the zoo ...

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