Sweet 16

Melanie Doane

She was long past 16
By months I'm sure
her age was increasing mercilessly
how was she to endure
She carried her secret silently
Wishing it wasn't true
Her fears grew stronger day by day
maybe everybody knew
Never, never, never been kissed before
Chances, chances, all chances missed
No never been kissed
She got so close, yet so far
A few times
with some who's hearts were true
She acted cool
but ultimately
She didn't know what to do
He'd ask her what was wrong
She'd say, "I think I'd better go home"
"I have to wash my hair and clean my room
and there's this really important home-ec test
tomorrow ... see ya"
Never, never ...
She had it pictured
how she'd fix her hair
and what she'd wear
She practiced on her wall
and with her favourite teddy bear
so what it she was
terrified of boys
she practiced just the same
hoping against all hope
that she'd be ready when the
time came
The day did come
for her to know
what she'd been longing for
out on the porch
while her family members
spied through windows
what more could she ask for
A kiss is just a kiss
some say
I fear I don't agree
for if I could I'd go back to
Sweet 16 when my
first kiss was given to me
Never, never ...

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