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Once He Was Mine

Melanie Doane

What's he doin now
does he still think of me
is it years
since we've been together
love was kind to us
but only for a time
can it be that we're
strangers now oh ...
Once he was mine yeah
Oh, once he was mine
Oh, once ...
He was mine all mine ... yeah
Once he was mine yeah ...
He was too afraid
to show me how he cared
guess he thought that would keep
me from straying
stray I finally did
in to another's arms
only then could he say
he loved me oh ...
Once he was mine yeah
(I remember)
Oh, once he was mine
(I remember, has he forgotten me)
Oh, once ...
He was mine all mine
I have him still still
love may fade
but I don't think my
memories ever will
I have him still, still
and life would never have
turned out this way
if fate hadn't taken him away
So I see him makin
all of his dreams come true
can't help thinking
I helped him get there
some how deep inside
I think I always knew
we were not meant to be
forever oh
Once ...

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