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Harvest Train

Melanie Doane

By the time I heard that evening train
he was gone, gone, gone
Headed for those fields of grain
in the far Saskatchewan
Oh the times they were so hard
and the fish were few
Oh, what's a Maritimer
gonna do
Oh my heart, the C.P.R. has taken
Every good man in Nova Scotia
Gone away on that Harvest Train
to the Prairies Golden Ocean
Far from me
(Far from me)
Oh I had sensed his restlessness
ever since the autumn came
all those trains were headed west
they were calling out his name
Oh every time I heard that whistle blow
I wondered if it was his time to go
Oh my heart ...
I curse you W.C. van Horn
you don't know what you've done
you've taken my man from the
place he was born
left me here with his new son
Oh the prairies always seemed
so far away before
now the railway's come and
made them close as an all aboard
Oh my heart ...

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