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Beautiful Dream

Melancholy Cry

He comes when i sleep
Haunts my mind greencurel
He demands more & more
And says:
Rise... go... give pain
There is a beautyfull dream but why
My god does it turn to black at sunrise?
It's day again
The sunlight tortures my mind
My lord helps me to survive
I feel great pain
When i was causing pain
I didn't know what it was
Arrgh now i know
Oh master i'm suffering so
I'm eager to return to my dream
When will the night come?
Apperings are the first pools of shadow, dimnes
The next night is filled with my dream
Every night is filled with my dream
Rise... go... give pain... this consistency
Describes the essense of the dream
Sometimes it how i feel
The panicky fear of the victim
The fear paralises the body and senses
Drowns one's want for survival

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