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Stay Woke (Feat. Miguel)

Meek Mill

How I keep from goin' under?
It's like a jungle outside
Sometimes I wonder how I keep from goin' under

We scream, "Black Lives Matter, " but we still toting ladders
Watching our own brothers trying to get at us
Dreams get shattered when a scene full of crackers
And they charge you with some shit you ain't do
You like, "what happened? "
We go get lawyers to say shit, we don't know how to talk
They told us to hate each other before we learn how to walk
Mama taught you how to fight, fight
before she taught you how to write, right
And daddy locked down in the cell, can't kiss you night, night
Monsters under the bed every night, feel like it's fright night
Coke fumes in the air, mama holding on that pipe tight
And you catchin' contact, but never mind that
In a world where Black is wrong and white right
it's like a combat
We go to war for our freedom, they say we equal
I used to wanna play like Randall and be an Eagle
I used to play the quarterback, my dog would go receiver
That was 'til the ball got flat by a dope needle on the pavement
It's amazin', this environment we was raised in
On them papers, one mistake and I'm gettin' caged in
You gotta feel me, feel like the system tryna kill me
Got arrested and the charges F1
for popping wheelies, stay woke

It was designed for us to fail
We still prevail through the hell
Yeah, can you believe it? We're still undefeated
Though it was designed for us to lose
We'll still make it through, nothing's impossible
Can you beleive it? We're still undefeated

Picture me ten years younger with some tats on my face
Takin' a bunch of Xannys with the strap on my waist
Pointin' it at the camera like mama ain't teach me manners
Tryna see mo' bills like I'm headed to Alabama, no, wait
I can't judge them, I'm just trying to understand them
Cause I used to pop Percs, pourin' purple in my Fanta
Had me swerving in my Phantom
like I'm runnin' from my dreams
I was headed for the slammer, I was plantin' all the seed
For them to bury me, I had my whole family mad at me
Fell deep in love with the game and it married me
Judge said, "I'll give you a chance, just don't embarrass me"
Motivatin' these little niggas is like a charity
Community service even though they knew we was workin'
They did this to me on purpose
'cause I ain't movin' too perfect
I stay away from them clowns
watch how I move through the circus
'Cause they be weighing you down
even some of them dudes in your circle, stay woke

Though it's designed for us to fail, yeah
We still prevail through the hell, yeah
Can you believe it? We're still undefeated
Though it was designed for us to lose
Nothing, nothing, nothing's impossible, no
Can you beleive it? We're still undefeated

How can I pledge allegiance to the flag
When they killin' all our sons, all our dads?
I come from a place, when you kill your own brother
you can brag
Like he got bodies, but that's a fad, no, that's a fact
I'm screamin' out at your corner, nigga, that's a trap
Screamin' out at your homie, nigga, that's a rat
Catch a case with him, bet he crack
The odds against you and they double stacked, stay woke
Bought my mom a new crib, that's some gangster shit
Niece and nephews walking around wearing minks and shit
Kept the hood motivated, this the thanks I get
Try to Ja Rule the kid on some Wanksta shit
But that's impossible 'cause I'm unstoppable
The label can't drop me, nigga, I'm too valuable
You thought I would lose but I won and that bothered you
Still movin' 'round in Philly just like the mobsters do
When I talked to Em and Hov, they said, "I'm proud of you
You stood tall back when everyone doubted you"
My reply is, "I did what I gotta do
And I need that verse 'fore you retire too"
Jumping all the obstacles, I'm way too wavy
Said I would lose boy you way too crazy
Pick and choose either fame or the money
fame will make you crazy
And the money will make them bad bitches say
"Thank you, baby"
You're welcome

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