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Sundown (Radio Edit)


Welcome To Medina

Rocking my gear, got music in my ear, i'm gettin ready
grabbin my bag got my lipgloss on, i'm ready,
i don't wanna be late tonight, cause the club is jumping.
i gotta scoop my girls tonight and get in to something.

when the sun goes down tonight, we're gonna have a good time
i swear to god that when the sun goes down tonight,
you gotta be there.
when the sun goes down down

i'm in the midle of the floor, i'm loosing my mind, so electric.
and i got my eyes on a prize, i know what i like, you're selected.
i'm glad i wasn't late tonight, cause the club was jumping.
it's just me and my girls tonight, we're gettin in to something.

i choose the nighttime over daytime anytime
i need a place to release myself, and let my head down.
so come on it - let me in
you better come on in, come on in - let me in

cause when the sun goes down tonight....

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