Mechanical Poet

I'm back again. This time it's gonna be insane. Let me show you how to play another game. You don't need to hide, you don't need to lie, you don't need your spice to get high.

Now I'm in charge and I'm the man who cares. Making all things changing in the whole place. Every single action is a reaction. That's the matter of choice that everybody makes

The real freedom's always coming from inside.

Hey, hey! You saw it.

Hey, hey! You said it.

Hey, hey! You got it in your life.

I'm here again. And now I'm not the same. Have you ever heard that you are what you claim? Falling down and crying, crawling up and flying...Everything is coming outta your brain.

You are exactly what you wanna be. Doing all you want in your reality. Make your own day, choose your own way. That's the only chance for you to find the key.

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