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Something Nice (Tom Fletcher)


I couldn't live without you
Wouldn't make it pass
Three minutes without you
Or I would collapse

If you wasn't with me
I would go all dizzy
Need to have you near me constantly
You've always been beside me
So dependable
Like the soul inside me
Warm and wonderful

If I get distracted
Or forgetful it relaxes me to know that you are always there
I wouldn't be the same
You would surely see a change
If I had to spend a day without you
Flowing through my viens
You never wanted anything in return
Even though you're so easily bound

I couldn't live without you
Wouldn't want to try
Waking up without you
Surely I would die
Even when I'm sleeping
You are with me when I'm dreaming

I'm holping and believing
You're not leaving
This world sucks without you
All this blue and green
Wouldn't be without you
You're essentially
What my life is about
What my world revolves around
I just coldn't live without you
Oxygen, oxygen

Compositor: Tom Fletcher

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