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All About Chris


It's all about Chris (It's about Chris)
It's all about Chris Moyles
It's all about Chris (It's about Chris)
It's all about Chris

Yesterday we got a call from Rachel Jones
Said she had to try and plan
A party for you

She told us she needed a band and had tried U2
But when they refused she said
Well, McFly will do

So we had to come up with some lyrics
Specially for you
But if you don't stick our song on the playlist
We'll go to radio 2

So Chris Moyles we hope you do like the song for you
Even though we know you would've
Preferred U2, yeh!

And we like all to be here
To celebrate with you
Because Chris we know that it's an occasion
When you turn thirty two

So all the best to you Chris Moyles we just wanted to
Come along and play a song
For you all to sing along
Cause we cannot be wrong
The listeners love you

The listeners love you (Yes they love you)
Yes they all love you Moylesy
And we all love you (We all love you)
We love Moylesy

It's all about... you

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