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Naughty Jedi

Mc Wreckshin

Oh i saw what you did
I saw you molest all your neighbors
With a red light saber
You's naughty...

Bring a cheat
Sheet when we meet
Glue my feet
To a glass of meat
I bring mur
You bring cancer
I bring frankincense
You bring contents
On how to de-
Stroy my soul
You have dreams
Of a glowing troll
You always lie
To you and i
You's nothing but a
Naughty jedi!

You steal teeth
From little willow
Then put 'em all
Under your pillow
Then you wait
And masturbate
As you contemplate
Tooth fairy rape
Here she cums
At the point of a gun
You just popped the cherry
Of a little tooth fairy
You always lie
To you and i
You's nothing but a
Naughty jedi

Oh and i saw what you did with that light saber
You didn't even use any k-y
You's naughty...

Kiss my eye
Oh you're shy?
My mouth is
Freakin bone dry
Lemme get a sip
Of your hair dye
Lemme take a dip
In your spanish fly
Did you ever make it
To senior high?
Was your flag
Indivisible by?
Did you ever have
A pet fruit fly?
Word up lady
Hope we see eye to eye

Your cat's freakin freaky
He looks like a dashiki
Worn by my brothers
In the time of toshiki
His eyes are big
And yours look leaky
Put on a smile
Then you'll be cheeky
Don't worry lady
I'm just being geeky
I'll give you a minute
And then we'll be in it
Like a sticky muthafuckin
Deep ass tar pit
I'll make you a sweater
It'll be tightly knit
Don't put it on
When i'm about to commit
A muthafuckin deed
That is mother wit
Chill out lady
Don't throw a fit
I'm already done
Cause i'm lickity split
Word up.

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