Mayer Hawthorne


Mayer Hawthorne

Where Does This Door Go

Hidin' in the pillows
With no clothes on under there
Signin' out the window
Taste the freedom of the air
Ronnie's got his daddy's car
So he has to take it slow
Anywhere but here my friend
Who cares where we go

Kaila, don't stay out after midnight
There'll be murder to pay for
When she gets home

Kaila, you know you're plan is air tight
Be alone in the sweet life
There in the street life

Party in the park now
On the street your boys are there
Shots of gin and vodka
Marijuana in the air
This is where I'm supposed to be
And I never want to go
As long as I'm in bed by dawn
Nobody has to know

Nobody needs to know
Nobody needs to know
Nobody needs to know
Nobody needs to know

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