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Like a September Day

Max Pie

I don’t waste my tears, it makes no sense
It’s only the fault of circumstances
If somebody wants, I give my place. I’m waiting your answers.
My loneliness, my enemy. No other days, if I don’t care.
Leaving my heart away

Deep inside of me, I can feel it’s real, it’s not a game

I live, leaving my heart away. I’m like a September day
I live, leaving my heart away. A price I don’t wanna pay

I left all behind to take my away. Closing my eyes, I loose myself
I pray the lord to give me the chance, the chance to turn back again

I don’t want more sorrows, let me come tomorrow.
Give me a sign through your window

I turn around, I’m waiting a sign… again
Please let me know if I must die to pay

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