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Come To My Grave

Max Pie

I cross the time, I taste the wine, alive with your blood
I follow my thirst on (the) upper floor
Together forever
Eternity shall be our friend but I know
You’re still afraid to cross this door

Forget your life, forget your shade
Come at my side, don’t be afraid
Let me show you the black side of life
Let me give you the key of the time

Find in this wine

I see the red drops falling on the ground the crime is done
You feel the light which are burning your eyes the night is gone

In my grave into the ground come to my hunt

Another crime to satisfy my thirst only your love can set me free

Alive in the ground

Tired of life
I’m still thirsty
A reason to live if you come to me

Come to my grave
Come to my hunt
Another day, another round
Be my queen, you‘ll have no end

Come to my grave
Come to my hunt
Come to the place into the ground
Be my queen, you’ll have no end

This place is good place to be

I cross the time, I cross the years
I taste the wine running in veins

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