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Monstruously Low Tide

Maudlin Of The Well

What upon the naked shore is this key?
All briny, yes, a haven for the briny things,
And a mystery to the sun which hasn't seen
The construction of this awful mystery!

What fashion'd thee, O key of slimy gold?
What secret portal among the waves and stones
Didst thou unlock in silence of the deep?
And most importantly, what sea-borne lazy eye,
Deceived by the broken light,
Lost among the ruins thee?

I saw the shore expand on that joyous day-
Breathed deeper, pulsed longer, sighed fuller,
Loved greater the mind of a curious boy,
Such as me!

I love thee, curious sea!
{Aeons can hide the relics of forgotten gods,
But showeth me thy treasures,}
And I will always look thereon.
I will always look with love thereon!

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