Interlude 4

Maudlin Of The Well

"Let this cup of suffering pass from me
Every tear shall be kiss'd from thine eyes."

"There is suffering in the Out Of Space
The jewelled lamps of Heaven are unknown."

"Ere you fall, I shall be there to lift thee
Rest thy weary mind, warm thy bleary cheek!"

"Naught but purity and secrecy abound
Under the surface of glassy Spheres."

"Hark and remember my creative song
Believe in me and thy heart shall grow light
Enter the tomb beneath my sacred blooms
Remain: I promise I shall thee receive?"

"Lest magick doors thou shall ope in the stars,
In the seas, in the gardens of pure Thought."

"Nearest to thy soul is my whisp'ring Voice."

"Ever else are the unseen Paths and Planes."

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