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Girl With A Watering Can

Maudlin Of The Well

I squandered my youth for a whither’d hour,
All I ever wanted was a simple you.
Real love is dying for a phantasy.

I held all of Heaven dead in my arms,
And in one moment, I knew all of Hell.
Nothing but a body, naked, beaten,
The wreck of a soul, amidst thorns bleeding.
Bitterness is all God hath created;
A proud king among the failures of dreams.

I believe one love could be worth a life,
For life I would have burn’d myself away-
For nothing, life hath left me burning alone.

Girl know that time leave dust on my scars;
When the moment has pass’d, thousands will die.
I will remember when ghosts were mighty,
And I will laugh and catch my own tears.

In a perfect garden, all flowers flourish,
In this real garden, my flower knows thirst.
I don’t think I can lift my face to the sun again.
And feel.
You were my everything, and you took
It all away.

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