Without A Clue

Matthew Perryman Jones

Swallow the Sea

I hold a photograph
I get lost in the way it was
It’s like a treasure map
To all I’ve had
I found you along the way
I remember how you’d look at me
Skies are never grey in the past

Remember when falling stars were meant for you
We’d always find the love to fall into
Everything felt like April, May and June
We got so far without a clue

Each day’s a second chance
To make up for what I missed before
I come with empty hands
And a prayer
I’d forgotten who I was
‘til I stumbled through my history
I came to life because you were there

Chorus - repeat.

You can’t get that far
In a broke down car
That’s where we seem to be
Maybe all we are is a memory

Chorus - repeat.


Compositor: Matthew Perryman Jones & Kate York

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