Matthew Perryman Jones

Lord, I feel the weight of a mountain
Pressing down inside my soul
I can see the pillars fallin’
There ain’t nothin’ left to hold
The reigns are broken too
I can’t steer this
There’s nothing I can do
Except to throw my arms out

Take me to
A place where love can mend these wounds
Where mystery can dance with truth
And the broken soul finds refuge

I get so tired of fighting
Throwing punches in the dark
When mystery’s seduction
Keeps a blindfold on my heart
Oh, it seems too much
God I fear this
I’m longing for your touch
And for your kisses

Chorus -repeat.

Can you calm this angry tide
The fears and rage inside
Won’t you lead to the place where beauty dwells
You go dancing on the hills
And I won’t rest until
You take me to the place where beauty dwells

Chorus - repeat.


Compositor: Matthew Perryman Jones And Todd B. Wells

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