In The Silence

Matthew Perryman Jones

And as I question what is real
I tend to lean on how I feel
And such darkness seems to break my soul
And as I wrestle with your voice
It’s bidding me to make a choice
And I can find no comfort anywhere

Speak to me with love and grace
Draw me more to seek your face
And open up this heart of mine
That I would seek, so I can find
All the love that’s in your heart
And the grace that you impart
Oh, make this my soul’s reality

Oh, still my soul
In the silence make me whole
Oh, embrace my heart, so that cannot depart
Oh, still my soul

I come to you a wretched man
And I ask you just who I am
And you say I’m a beloved child
And no, I cannot understand
Why you keep me in your hand
Why your grace still upholds my soul

And I am ravaged by your voice
You are now my only choice
Invade my heart with love divine
You made me yours, I make you mine
Keep me here within your grace
Cause I love to see your face
You are truly my reality


And in the silence where the darkness grows
Of the truth of what’s in me
A gentle whisper wraps around my soul
And holds me to set me free
Oh, oh…


…My soul
Still my soul…
…My soul
Still my soul…
Still my soul…
Still my soul…
My soul…

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