Heaven Knows

Matthew Perryman Jones

There beside a cold and lonley sea
Blackness hides it secrets deep
And miles below, like a hidden pain
Eternal night that is thick with shame
Oh, there’s no darkeness deeper than a human heart nor eye can see
Heaven knows what’s inside of me

So chase the wind where the stars were hung
I sang the songs till were all were song
Drank this world to get my fill
It wet my tongue but I’m thirsty still
Oh, what will let my heart run free
Break these chains deep inside of me
If heaven knows, lord I cannot see

Burning sun fell through a blinding mist
It broke the ground with gentle fists
Beneath the sky wide and full of grace
A ruthless trust filled this faithless place
Oh, there’s no love that deeper be
Human heart nor eye can see

Heaven knows what it’s given me
Heaven knows what it’s given me

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