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Christmas Just Does This To Me

Matt Wertz

Everyone's snug inside their warm coats
It's getting cold this time of year
Holding their shopping bags and cocoa
Christmas is here

All of the churches filled with people
Caroling soft by candlelight
Mary and Joseph on the front lawn
"O, Holy Night"

You can blame it on the snow
Or the warm angelic glow
I fall in love with everything I see
Christmas just does this to me

Now the family's coming over
Berries and popcorn on a line
Our favorite movies on the TV
"It's A Wonderful Life"

Sentimental some will say
But it's always been this way
And I'm shining like the tensile on the tree
Oh, and Christmas just does this to me

New Years around the corner
Feels like there's nothing new
Wish there was a way to make Christmas stay
Every day the whole year through

I'll spend the night down on the sofa
With the lights left on the tree
And dishwasher humming in the kitchen
Will sing me to sleep

See the sighs, hear the sounds
With my loved ones gathered round
And everything's as it should be
Oh, and Christmas just does this
Hits me where the heart is
Christmas just does this to me

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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