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The Damn Shyness

Matt Jets

First day of school
Wrong classroom
Wrong classmates
But you shined like a bolt
And conquered me fast
So, you made me stay quiet
Because never in the world
I had courage to speak to you
I trained myself for the question
The one that could change everything
But only a stuttered one left my mouth
What's Your Name? I said
And she shaky answered
But she was the shyest girl
I have ever met
And I was the shyest guy
In that moment
But occasions let me leave her
Changing the wrong classroom
Changing the wrong classmates
While I was making friends
In the 6th day of school
I changed new friends and girl
For the old friends I had
And I Kinda liked it
Because I hadn't studied with them yet
"So this is me swallowing my shyness
And telling you that I want to talk to you"
It's me thinking of how to talk to her
At the same time of referring T.s
Enchanting was when I paid attention to you
And reflected about "How perfect can someone be?"
You straight hair, your sweet mood
Your nails and your way of write
That made me happy for 5 days
That I miss too much
It the result
Because attraction ain't nothing
But wish to speak
And not to be afraid in being denied
Because you’re not much for her
And my expectative
is that someday
Her shyness change
And we can date
Like I've never done before
So this is me swallowing my pride
And trying to talk to you
And trying to not get shaky
And trying to be someone to you
Because future might deserve something to
You and Me
Simply there are no secrets
At Love at first sight
It's look and love
Not having middle steps
Between a couple
That is designated to love
To love
To love
Like You and Me

Letra enviada por Matheus Eduardo De Almeida Jesus

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