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Matt Jets

In a world where dreams spin around
I stalk the memory of your face
In my dreams
Walking towards the dawn

“Never wanna see you again”
you said bitterly
While a tear rolled down in your face
Even in the middle of a storm
Fighting these strong waves
You tried to hold that tear
So I wouldn't see you cry

Everyone told you
"You're Strong"
But you lost your sense
of your real you

And the sun that has always been on your side
Lost all that amazing shine
Erasing all the truths
Keeping all the lies
Of the entire world

And in a world where dreams spin around
Ironically I keep stalking
The memory of your face
But just in my dreams
Cause you're gone
Walking towards the dawn
Wherever it must be

Letra enviada por Matheus Eduardo De Almeida Jesus

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