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All My Love To You

Matt Jets

I remember exactly
The moment we met
You, an exchange student
And me, a nerd

I could never describe
Exactly how I felt
Staring your eyes
Those pretty black ones that hypnotized me

Your teeth were whiter than
The pure white,
Than non-cloudy clouds
Than the color of peace

Your lips were perfect to kiss
And in that moment
I simply got mute
You asked for the math classroom

And I stuttered for a long minute
I only was enchanted by your beauty
And I finally told: It's that one.
I pointed to the farthest
Classroom in the hall

And then she walked away
I only spoke: Wait a second, I'll go with you.
And finally I had nothing else to do

Because my life was decided when I said
"Hey, what's your name?"
And so a sweet tone left her mouth
And it conquered myself as I

Would never need to listen to any other sound
To be completely accomplished
Cause I'm nothing but a freak
And my heart is in ember
I know what I am able to do
I can give all my love to you

We spent three long weeks
Just in knowing each other
And those three weeks were the most magic I could ever want

I couldn't pass a day without
Seeing you
Hugging you
Feeling you
Meeting you
Wanting to kiss you
And Desperately
Wishing you
More than anything

I was an coward
Totally shaken

You will never know
How embarrassed I was
And I discovered that you thought I was nothing but a friend
That I Never Really had a chance

And this shocked me that I decided to say what I needed to
And then I freed my feelings for you
No matter what you think about me
No matter what they think about me

I just need desperately to say
That I really, really, Love You.
I realized that this shocked her

And this shocked me more
Because I never knew I had the power
To do I had just done
And then I felt in paradise

When she finally said
"I Thought You Would Never declare you to me"
She kissed me that my legs got shaky

Cause I'm nothing but a freak
And my heart is in ember
I know what I was able to do
I can give all my love to you

Letra enviada por Matheus Eduardo De Almeida Jesus

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